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Can Water Striders Adjust Their Jumping Performance to Their Body Mass Through Individual Experience

Baek, M. Jung., Lawin, K. M., Codden, C. J., Lim, H. K., Lee, S. I., Jablonski, P. G. In response to predators’ attacks from under the water surface, water striders use sudden upward escape-jumps to escape danger. Water striders perform as if they “knew” how to move their legs for maximization of their

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Detection of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria from the Feces of Eurasian Magpie pica pica

Kim, Y. W., Jablonski, P. G., Choe, J. C., Lee, S. I. Drug resistance in bacteria is one of the most important issues in the world. Previous studies show that antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be carried by populations of wild animals inhabiting urban environment or human settlements. In this study, we examined the presence

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