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Female Genitalia Concealment Promotes Intimate Male Courtship in a Water Strider

Han, C. S., & Jablonski, P. G. Violent coercive mating initiation is typical for animals with sexual conflict over mating. In these species, the coevolutionary arms-race between female defenses against coercive mating and male counter-adaptations for increased mating success leads to coevolutionary chases of male and female traits that influence the mating. It has

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Role of body size in dominance interactions between male water striders, Aquarius paludum

Han, C. S., & Jablonski, P. G. Water striders are a model system for the study of sexual size dimorphism, but the effect of body size on the dominance relationship between individuals has not been experimentally tested. In 34 staged contests between males of the water strider Aquarius paludum, we determined the effect of

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Commentary on Natural Ecosystem and Rehabilitation in Korea

Jablonski, P. G. Thank you very much for the invitation to take part in this interdisciplinary meeting. I have been asked to comment on Prof. Won's presentation because I study birds and because I am a foreigner. [from the first paragraph]

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Fine-scale genetic structure and its consequence in breeding aggregationsof a passerine bird

Lee, J. W., Jang, B. S., Dawson, D. A., Burke, T., & Hatchwell, B. J. The pattern of fine-scale genetic structure in a population may reflect current biological processes of the species, such as natal dispersal, the breeding system and demography. We investigated the spatial distribution of nests and fine-scale genetic structure during two

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Integration of Optimality, Neural Networks, and Physiology for Field Studies of the Evolution of Visually-elicited Escape Behaviors of Orthoptera: A Minireview and Prospects

Shin, H. S., & Jablonski, P. G. Sensing the approach of a predator is critical to the survival of prey, especially when the prey has no choice but to escape at a precisely timed moment. Escape behavior has been approached from both proximate and ultimate perspectives. On the proximate level, empirical research about electrophysiological

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Male mating strategies through manipulation of female-perceived predation risk: a minireview and prospects

Han, C. S., & Jablonski, P. G. In this minireview we focus on how males may exploit female's sensitivity to predation risk in the context of mating. It has been shown in studies on guppies and jumping spiders that in response to altered female behaviors, which are adaptations to the unfavorable environment and a

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Differential selection according to the degree of cheating in a status signal

Nakagawa, S., Lee, J. W., Woodward, B. K., Hatchwell, B. J., & Burke, T. The maintenance of honesty in a badge-of-status system is not fully understood, despite numerous empirical and theoretical studies. Our experiment examined the relationship between a status signal and winter survival, and the long-term costs of cheating, by manipulating badge size

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